Trying New Things

Today Alethea and I decided to try a few new things.


Since I grew up living in a townhouse, there are many yard related tasks that I didn’t do as a child.  For example, I’ve never mowed a lawn and I don’t recall ever having jumped into an enormous pile of leaves.  Today wasn’t a lawn mowing day, but the leaf thing seemed like a possibility.  However, instead of trying it myself, I was content to let Alethea have this first for her own.

Here are a few pics from Alethea’s inaugural leaf pile jumping:


Alethea has been really into reading the Frances books lately, especially Bread and Jam for Frances.  I started noticing how in several of the books the characters mention cream cheese sandwiches: cream cheese and chive, cream cheese and jam, cream cheese, cucumber and tomato on rye, etc.  Cream cheese isn’t something that I’ve ever eaten as a main sandwich ingredient, but it didn’t sound too bad, so today we gave it a whirl.  For lunch, Alethea and I had cream cheese and tomatoes on whole wheat bread with a sprinkling of dill for zip.  Turns out cream cheese and tomatoes make for a pretty tasty sandwich.  I enjoyed mine and Alethea liked hers so well, she requested and was given a second serving!  I can see cream cheese becoming a staple around here.


Has anyone else noticed how crazy expensive chicken is getting?  I’ve gotten to the point that I’m doing my weekly meal planning after I go to the grocery store, just because I can’t bring myself to buy chicken if it’s not on sale.  Boneless skinless breasts haven’t been marked down lately, but whole chickens were, which is how I ended up with a bird that needed roasting.  Never roasted a whole chicken before, but I’m always up for a culinary adventure.  So armed with some advice and a recipe that I sort of followed, I whipped up this beauty for dinner tonight:

I think I did reasonably well for my first attempt.  The meat was incredibly tender, practically falling off the bone.  The flavor was good too, but not anything to write home about.  Alethea gave it two thumbs up though and it’s hard to get her to eat chicken that’s not in a nugget form, so I will definitely need to try this again.

So that was our day of new things.  What about you?  Have you done/tried anything new lately?  A new food, a new hobby, a new route to work?  Is there something that people would be surprised to learn that you’ve never done?  Or have you ever based your menu choices off of a piece of children’s literature?  Please, do tell!

3 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. Not based on children’s books, but my kids loved cream cheese and jelly tortillas for awhile. sounds like you guys had a fun day! Juanita… and we love the Frances books. Love the Bedtime for Frances.

  2. Last night at church, the snack we served the kids was saltine crackers, cream cheese, and tuna. The tuna was something called Tuna Creations – tuna marinated in some hickory smoke marinade. At first, several of the kids said they didn’t want either the tuna, cream cheese. Eventually all but one ate the snack with all three ingredients. They thought it was great. I was surprised!

  3. I love cooking whole chickens, because than you can also cook the carcass and get chicken stock! It works great for bulk cooking because you get the meat that is easy to get in pieces and you can use the chicken stock for recipes…

    We are working on origami over here! That is a new experience for us!

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