An Old Sole

I loved the shoes I wore on my wedding day.

They were cute, comfortable, inexpensive and best of all, they were the perfect shade of ivory to match my antique-white dress.

Since that day, I’ve happily worn them many times, despite the fact that I’ve had to give them occasional hair cuts to remove all the loose threads that were sprouting out of them.

Then today, I took a long hard look at them and decided that they were past a simple trim job.

They looked tired.  They looked done.

So despite the happy memories and in defiance of my ‘keep anything sentimental’ genetics, in the garbage they went.

Fare thee well, my wedding shoes!  You were great, perfect even, and I’m sorry to see you go!

3 thoughts on “An Old Sole

  1. Good for you Elise! (the guys most often do not have that problem because they rent the shoes with the tux. I borrowed my shoes, so did not have that problem!)

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