A Candidate to Believe In

Sorry for a major lack of posts around here lately.  Despite my long-standing objections to social media, I recently caved to pressure and joined Pinterest, and I fear that I already have a serious addiction.  Love this site!  I mean, where else could you find everything from this…

… to this!

So Pinterest the main reason I’ve been short of blogging time lately, but having Peter out in Washington D.C. for two days didn’t help either.

He did come home with chocolate for me and cute matching t-shirts for the girls though.

You’d vote for this ‘Future President’, wouldn’t you?

8 thoughts on “A Candidate to Believe In

  1. She is going to really be mad at you when you pull these out to share with her first serious boyfriend!! (Or maybe they are ammunition to use when you and Peter really don’t like the guy she is seeing?!?)

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