Here’s the Plan…

Went and saw the midwife this morning. They checked my vitals and ran a non-stress test for the baby. “Everything is fine,” she said, “Baby’s fine, blood pressure is fine, weight gain is fine.”

So I just had to remind her that they said the exact same thing with Alethea and I ended up being induced anyway and giving birth to a 10lb baby, 17 days after her due date.

We mutually agreed to schedule an induction for tomorrow morning. So we have to call the hospital at 6am to make sure they have a bed available, but assuming I don’t get bumped, we at least get to try to get this baby out tomorrow. We’ll start with Pitocin and hope that gets things moving. If that doesn’t work though, my midwife has already warned me that she’s not going to try anything further tomorrow, so there is also a chance I’ll get sent home without a baby.

So we have a plan, but it’s an it-all-depends kind of plan. I’d appreciate any and all prayers that things go smoothly tomorrow. And I haven’t given up hope that Baby Boy will decide to come on his own in the next 12 hours. His big sister Lydia pulled off a just-before-inducement arrival and I’m praying it’ll happen again.

So tonight will be a nice long brisk-as-I-can-manage walk around the neighborhood, followed by hanging up the art I’ve finished and framed for the nursery.


After that, I think I might scrub down the bathroom, since I’m pretty sure that’s what put me into labor with Lydia. Yup, walking, art hanging, and bathroom cleaning. I know how to party, what can I say.

8 thoughts on “Here’s the Plan…

  1. Yes, it seems that you are a party animal, Elise. Slow down girl! I really like the pictures you framed. You are soooo talented. I know you’ll keep us posted. Much love & many prayers.

  2. We will pray for you tonight before we go to bed, and of course, we’ll be checking your blog like maniacs tomorrow!

  3. Elise, you sound like my oldest sister. If my brother in law came home from work and all the furniture in the house was changed around, he knew they would be on their way to the hospital before morning. My prayers are with you.

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