Here We Go

9:25am. Just starting Pitocin. Not really anything to report. Really like my nurses. Really hate being hooked up to machines.

And because this would be a rather boring update otherwise, here’s a couple pictures of the girls taken at the beginning of April. Hard to believe that less than two months ago we still had snow on the ground.

DSC_8714 DSC_8722 Can’t wait to share pictures of Baby Boy too!

12 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. I’m guessing since you were commenting around 11:12 that you’re still progressing into early labor. Just prayed for your labor and baby boy’s safe arrival, TODAY!

    • Yeah, contractions are getting uncomfortable, but not in any danger of having a baby yet. Thanks for praying!

    • I’m not sure if awesome is the word I would use, but yeah, it does take some time to get stuff done with all the documenting and procedures they have to follow.

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