An Anniversary Message

Dear Peter,

You know, I used to think it was pretty silly when people would say things like, “I love my husband more than I did on the day we got married.” I mean, sure the way you love someone changes and evolves over time, but if you really love someone more later on, then maybe you just got married too soon or something. Right?

Well, we’ve been married eight years as of today. And it may be silly (and I know it’s a bit corny), but I just have to say… I love you even more than the day I married you.

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Because I knew that you were patient and steady, but I didn’t realize how you would always be able to talk me down off the proverbial ledge.

And I knew that you had a great sense of humor, but I didn’t realize how I would need you to make me laugh when I was feeling overwhelmed by life.

Wedding High-Res 020Because I knew that family was important to you, but I didn’t realize how grateful I would feel every time you make a decision to do what’s good for us, rather than what is easy or convenient at the time.

And I knew that you would be a good father, but it’s totally different when I see the depth of your love for our kids through the ups and downs of parenting.

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Because I knew that you were smart, but I didn’t know how proud I would feel when over and over I see others seeking out your thoughtful, well-reasoned advice, and as I came to depend on it myself.

And I knew that you were hard-working, but I didn’t realize that you would be so good at making sure that there was still time for me every day.

Wedding High-Res 015Because I knew that managing money well was important to you, but I didn’t realize that every time I’d suggest giving some of it away, you would name a higher number than the one in my head.

And I knew that you trusted me, but I didn’t know that you would give me the freedom to make so many decisions without second-guessing me, or requesting an accounting of dollars spent or time used.

Wedding High-Res 019Because I knew that you wanted to follow Jesus, but I didn’t realize that serving the church together would help align our priorities to such a great extent.

And because I knew that you loved me, but I didn’t realize that you would continue to look for ways to show me how important I am still, eight years, three children, and a mortgage later.

Happy anniversary and all my love,


14 thoughts on “An Anniversary Message

    • Thank you, Denny! I feel blessed to have your family for in-laws and am thankful that you did such a terrific job raising your son. :-)

  1. Wow Elise, I have tears in my eyes after reading your post to Peter. You are one of the luckiest women on earth. Thank you for sharing some of the love that you feel. Peter is a very lucky man to have you as his wife.

    • Thanks so much, Jo! I know I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband. And I’m pretty sure Peter knows he was lucky to catch me. I do try to remind him of it on a regular basis. ;-)

  2. Elise — That was beautiful…You are blessed to have found each other and doubly blessed to have such a wonderful family. I am proud to be your Aunt and Peter’s ‘Aunt-in-law’ ;-) Happy Anniversary :-)

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