Happy Birthday, Lydia Grace!

You are so beautiful

IMG_1298To me

DSC_8844You are so beautiful

DSC_0262To me

DSC_1026Can’t you see

DSC_3086You’re everything I hoped for

DSC_3289You’re everything I need

DSC_3733You are so beautiful

DSC_4789To me

DSC_8295Happy 4th Birthday, Lydia Grace!

You are beautiful inside and out and we couldn’t love you more!


Mommy & Daddy

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Lydia Grace!

  1. Happy Birthday Lydia Grace. Hope you have lots of fun at your party with friends and family. Elise I know you are a very busy mommy. I missed your Christmas decorations this year. I know they where outstanding. Happy and Healthy New Year.

    • I’m still hoping to get a belated Christmas post up. The decorations weren’t anything too different from last year’s though, so if I don’t get a picture posted, I promise you didn’t miss much. :-)

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