How Quickly They Learn

Alethea has been a little clingy lately.  I’m sure she senses that things are changing, being moved into a new room, a steady stream of new things coming into the house ‘for the baby’ and all of the hubbub surrounding Christmas are all probably a bit unsettling.

That’s why I’ve been trying to be extra sensitive and let her have more cuddling, hand holding and being picked up than usual.  However, I think perhaps she’s starting to be take advantage of the situation.

Tonight we did our bedtime routine, said our prayers, sang ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and then I gave her a hug, tucked her in and told her goodnight.  She said ‘hug’ and stood back up.  I gave her another hug, laid her back down and told her good night.  She said ‘hug’ and stood back up.  We repeated the sequence.  She said ‘hug’ for the third time and stood back up.  I said, “You’re stalling, aren’t you?”  She said, “Yeah.”  I told her that she needed to go night-night and she laid back down without another hug and without complaint.

In this case, I feel that I handled it well, but in general, I wish it were easier to know when she really needs emotional support and when she just wants to get away with something by making me feel guilty.  Sometimes I think she’s too smart for her own good.

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