A Whiny Week

My best friend once told me that she thought the fourth week after her baby was born was the hardest week of early motherhood.  I think she might be right.  Our fourth week involved a lot of spit up, an obviously uncomfortable baby who couldn’t get to sleep, stomach flu for Alethea, a few not-in-the-diaper pee and poop incidents and lots of sleep deprivation.  Not the best week ever.

While dealing with said issues, I kept composing extremely whiny blog posts in my head, but I have a rule for my blog and that is – if you can’t write something positive, then don’t write anything at all.  But I was tempted… oh was I tempted this week.

Then on Wednesday afternoon, just as I turned on my computer to vent, I got an e-mail from a friend who is expecting her first child soon.  She mentioned that she appreciates my positive take on motherhood and enjoys my blog posts.

Do you think the Good Lord has a sense of humor?

So today, instead of writing a whiny post, I am being thankful.  Not because motherhood is always easy, but because it truly is rewarding and totally worth every ‘pee on the bathroom floor’/’why won’t this kid quit crying’/’stop screaming, you’re going to wake up your sister’ moment.

Thank you, God, for friends, neighbors and family who stop by, bring food and write encouraging e-mails.

Thank you, God, for two healthy, happy, beautiful girls to love and cherish.

Thank you, God, for the financial resources that enable me to spend every day at home being Mommy.  It is where I want to be, even on the hard days.

Thank you, God, for a husband who is loving and supportive and will get up with the baby even when he has to go to work the next morning.

Most of all, God, thank you for sending Jesus, the greatest gift of all, who reminds me that the sacrifices of parenthood are small compared to the many undeserved blessings I’ve received.


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