Inside and Out

Here’s a riddle for you.

What do you do when you get a foot of snow at the end of February?

The answer:

Work on your Easter centerpiece!

I know it’s a little incongruent, but it sure makes me feel better to have some spring flowers around, even if they aren’t real.

This is my dollar store bird, isn’t he cheerful?

I’m really pleased with how the faux Pottery Barn robin’s eggs I made last year mixed in with the potted daisies, my new addition for this year.

Now I just have to hold on and keep believing that spring really is going to come on the outside of our house too!

6 thoughts on “Inside and Out

  1. I love your Easter Centerpieces. Just a heads up tho – February still has 8 more days… sunshine or snow? In Florida they are getting ready to put tomato plants in the ground! Maybe I should go back there for another week?

  2. Elise, I feel your pain. Friday we had 70 degree weather. Last night it went down to 22 and we got nearly 6 inches of snow. February 2nd our Pa. ground did not see his shadow. Six more weeks till spring.

  3. 70 degrees! Wow. If we’d had a day like that, I’d be really happy. I think we’ve been just barely above 50 degrees once so far this year. Still, it is pretty cruel to go from 70 to 22. Sort of makes you feel cheated, I’m sure.

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