How to Buy a Potty Chair

After I got so many comments and e-mails all saying ‘go for it!’ following my first potty training post, I asked Alethea if she’d like me to get her a potty chair so she could learn to use the toilet by herself.  She said, “Okay!”  (And yes, I am taking that with a grain of salt.  I also asked her if she’d like an Oompaloompa to go with it and her answer was, “Okay!”)

Anyway, today during my weekly trip to Target, I stopped by the baby section to look at potty chairs.  Now I was hoping there would be two or three to choose from.  What I wasn’t prepared for was having a dozen styles sitting before me on the shelf:

My options ranged from just a simple plastic lift-out bowl in a simple plastic seat, to chairs with lots of bells and whistles.  Suddenly I was confronted with choices I hadn’t even dreamed of prior to walking down that aisle.  Did I want the seat to lift off and sit on the grownup toilet to make the transition to big toilet easier?  Did I want the base to convert into a step-stool?  Did I want the potty to look like a frog, a racecar, a throne, or of all things, a toilet?  Many played music, a couple had padded seats, a few sported toilet paper holders…

I was overwhelmed.

Then I asked myself what would be most appealing to Alethea?  The answer was clearly, this one:

It plays music, has a handle to ‘flush’ and even tells you when you’ve done a good job.  Yeah, I was pretty sure Alethea would like it.  So, I was going to buy it, even though it was the most expensive one and it didn’t convert into a step stool (which seemed like a nice feature for when Alethea was ready to move up to using the real toilet).  But then I looked at the box a little closer and noticed this:

That’s right folks.  It doesn’t just play music, it has “Encouraging songs with lyrics and fun phrases”!

Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I caught a glimpse of Alethea singing those lyrics and repeating those fun phrases in a public place.  Lovely.

The ‘Cheer for Me! Potty’ went back on the shelf.

I ended up selecting this one instead:

It is the Royal Stepstool Potty, which was $10 cheaper than the Cheer For Me model, and as the name implies, it does convert to a stepstool to prolong its usefulness.  Plus Alethea will be rewarded for ‘contributions’ with “regal musical ditties and fun sound effects”, which sounded a lot safer to me than “encouraging lyrics”.

I think I made the right choice.  Alethea is still taking her nap, so she hasn’t gotten to weigh in on the matter yet, but really… who needs a retractable toilet paper holder anyway??!?!

4 thoughts on “How to Buy a Potty Chair

  1. You could always turn the Spanish language feature on and have her learn all the encouraging songs in Spanish. (I do think the one you got will do the same thing as the more expensive one anyway)

  2. I recall looking through a catalogue and seeing a bear that encouraged Potty training. This was his song: “you’re a super-duper pooper who can potty with the best.” No joke.

  3. Isn’t it ridiculous how many options there are? We’ve (more just me- paul thinks it’s too soon to get a potty chair for Ava) decided on a 3-in-1 chair as well. I really like the idea of it being used as a stool to help with washing hands after, and also I like that the seat can come off and go on the real toilet. Right now, Ava is okay with sitting on the potty. But she signs all done as soon as I set her on. I think she’s afraid of falling in. I would be too.

    Let us know how she likes it!

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