What Gives?

For those of you who follow my blog exclusively for cute pictures and stories about the girls, I apologize.  I have the pictures and stories, they just having been making it on here lately.

If it makes you feel any better, know that the girls have been getting on my case about the lack of publicity.  Really.  Like when Lydia logged on to my blog the other day and she said, “What?!?! Another post about the front porch?  Really, Mom?!?!”

I am so sorry.

I will try to do better.

2 thoughts on “What Gives?

  1. Happy birthday lady! Your girls are getting so big! The front porch looks amazing! Miss you! Have an amazing day! (sorry for all the exclamation points, clearly I am easily excited.)

  2. Lydia, tell Mommy she’s not trying very hard. The current post is a week old! You & your big sister STILL aren’t getting much ink.

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