A Monkey Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Lydia’s second birthday and we celebrated in style with a monkey themed bash.  The guest of honor was upstairs taking a nap while her Grandma Debbie and I were decorating her monkey cake before the party, so she was happily surprised when she woke up and saw it on the dining room table.

Thank goodness for Grandma Debbie (a.k.a. my mom).  I ended up going with Alethea to the ER for several hours the night before the party (she was prescribed an antibiotic, but it wasn’t anything too serious), and was behind schedule on my preparations.  The afternoon of the party my mom and I spent several hours perfecting the cake, and it turned out even cuter than I had planned.  Thanks, Mom!

Lydia thought the cake was really cool.  She was also interested in the candy coated pretzel rods.  These were such a hit at Alethea’s last party, I decided to do them again, but this time in pink.

There were balloons, naturally…

Lydia went with Peter to pick up the balloons from the store and the girl behind the counter asked Lydia if the balloons were for her.  “For my monkey party!” Lydia proudly announced.

I’ll admit that I was tempted to go all monkey-tastic with the food, but since serving an entirely banana based menu didn’t sound all that appealing, we kept it simple with pizzas and a salad, and I contented myself with a palm tree fruit plate as a nod to the theme.

Lydia had fun opening all of her presents.  She really liked the shopping cart full of food from Mommy and Daddy and amused all her guests by carefully unpacking all the eggs, crushing the egg carton and running it over to the recycle bin just like Mommy does.  Monkey see, monkey do…

After presents came the cake and she blew out both candles all by herself!

As requested, she got one of the monkey’s ears, and she thoroughly enjoyed it…

So all in all, it was a fun party and I think the birthday girl had a blast.  I mean, a monkey head cake and a bunch of balloons, what more could a girl ask for?

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8 thoughts on “A Monkey Birthday Party

  1. Love the party details! The cake and cute fruit plate are fabulous. Great job! And, of course, the birthday girl is adorable. Can’t believe you have an almost four year old and two year old.

  2. Of course everything was perfect! Loved the cake, but my favorite was the palm trees! They were so cute & looked absolutely delicious. Can’t believe your baby girls are growing up so fast. Really looking forward to seeing them. And you, too of course! : ) Could Lydia look any more like you in the first picture???

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