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I know I don’t usually include many external links in my posts, but I’ve been realizing recently that some of my favorite bloggers do regular link posts and I really appreciate the introduction to material I might not find on my own.  That said, feel free to ignore this post if you’re so inclined…

This list reminds me so much of someone who lives in my house.

I think I’d rather eat worms than touch this ‘salad’.  (Read the ingredients list!)

I always thought I was just old fashioned.  This says I’m just plain wrong.

2 Ingredient Healthy Pancakes were a hit again at lunch today.

Stuff like this makes me so unbelievably frustrated.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the second installment of Tips And Tricks Tuesdays.

Happy Monday, Y’all!

4 thoughts on “Lotsa Links

    • Glad you found something useful, Karla! The pancake ingredients sound weird together, but they are pretty tasty, although they taste more like banana bread than a regular pancake. But I like banana bread, so it’s all good!

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