TATT: A New Take on Microwave Popcorn

Dude… It’s Thursday night and still no Tips and Tricks Tuesday post here.  For shame…

So here’s a quick tip for you, something I recently learned on Pinterest.  Love Pinterest.  Did you know that you can make “air popped” microwave popcorn with nothing more than some popping corn and a glass bowl?

It’s soooo easy!  You put two or three tablespoons of unpopped popping corn into a microwave safe glass bowl.  Set the lid on top with just a slight gap for steam to vent…

Microwave on high for 3-4 minutes and voila!

Perfect, healthy, oil-free microwave popcorn!

Use hot pads to remove it from the microwave (the bowl will be HOT) and enjoy your uber healthy snack.  OR if you’d rather have something absolutely divine that is not quite so good for you, stay tuned for an amazing gourmet flavored popcorn recipe I just tried out last week.  It’ll be coming your way soon!

6 thoughts on “TATT: A New Take on Microwave Popcorn

  1. Elise, thanks for that tip. I’ve been using the back in a day method in a dry dutch oven. Standing over the stove shaking the pot to prevent burning. Than I used a brown lunch in the microwave. I like the flavored kind and use garlic or onion powder and various herbs.I am waiting for your tips. I know you have some good ones. Mean while I’ll get my pop corn ready and wait for your recipes. I don’t have a lid for my bowl. I’m sure I can use a plate.

    • Mmmm… garlic and onion powder with herbs sounds fabulous! I think I’ll give that a try sometime soon. And yes, if your glass bowl doesn’t have a lid, a plate would work just fine.

  2. This is a great idea! I bought an air popper and can never seem to get it to work all the way. I don’t have a glass bowl with a lid but I’m def going out to get one now. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. so glad you posted was worried something happened when you didn’t show up Tuesday.

    • I find a glass bowl with fitted lid to be a handy kitchen item in general, but if you didn’t want to buy one you could try a glass bowl with a plate placed on top.

      Sorry to worry you. I’ve just been having a hard time juggling everything right now, so the blog got dropped there for a few days, but we’re all good here!

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