Lotsa Links

Some links for your Monday…

If you only click on one of these, make it this one.

What every mom needs to hear today (and what I need to remind myself of every day!)

This may or may not happen at our house whenever we contemplate going out to eat.

Anyone in the mood for a corn dog?

An interesting way to think about the world population.

If you are a Pinterest addict like me, you might appreciate this.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Lotsa Links

  1. Read this a few days ago, and then yesterday Ava almost drowned at our pool! There were several adults and kids right next to her, and no one noticed she went under until I jumped in and was pulling her up crying. She decided to try swimming without her floaties while I was still getting our stuff unpacked on the side of the pool.

    It happened exactly as this article explained. She leaped off the last step totally confident she was just going to swim, and she just went right under :-( It was very scary for me to watch that happen and see that no one even noticed.

    • Wow, so scary, Jenny. I’m so glad Ava is okay.

      It frightens me a little that Alethea insists she knows how to swim (and doesn’t at all). I could totally see her doing something like that, not realizing that she won’t be able to get back up to the surface.

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