Mini Facelift

Just fyi that there are a few overdue changes to my sidebar that you may notice.

1) You can now subscribe to BobbleHeadBaby and have all the bobbleheaded goodness delivered straight to your inbox. No more wondering whether I’ve posted or forgetting to check in and missing delightful content. Just enter your e-mail address in the box to the right and hit the “subscribe” button to be instantly notified whenever there is a new post. I promise, I will not sell or share my e-mail subscriber list with anyone. You will not receive any spam from me and you can unsubscribe whenever you’d like. I also promise to try not to take it personally if you do.

2) Also, I’ve added a Pinterest section to my sidebar. This is really completely self-serving of me, so that I can have more pretty pictures on my blog without creating any new content, but feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you have the inclination.

Thank you!

*End public service announcement*

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