I’ve Got Instagram

So here’s the deal people. For all of you who who complain that I don’t post more pictures of the kids (you know who you are), I now have Instagram. You will notice my feed on the right hand side of the blog homepage. Click on any image to view it larger and to read the caption.

I think that I’ll have an easier time Instagraming regularly than I do blogging on a schedule, so when you’re hankering for a little BobbleHeadBaby news, at least you’ll have something to tide you over until the next post.

This is probably pretty basic for most of you, but if any of you are like me and have some Luddite tendencies, feel free to ask questions if you are having technical difficulties.

*End Public Service Announcement*

Mini Facelift

Just fyi that there are a few overdue changes to my sidebar that you may notice.

1) You can now subscribe to BobbleHeadBaby and have all the bobbleheaded goodness delivered straight to your inbox. No more wondering whether I’ve posted or forgetting to check in and missing delightful content. Just enter your e-mail address in the box to the right and hit the “subscribe” button to be instantly notified whenever there is a new post. I promise, I will not sell or share my e-mail subscriber list with anyone. You will not receive any spam from me and you can unsubscribe whenever you’d like. I also promise to try not to take it personally if you do.

2) Also, I’ve added a Pinterest section to my sidebar. This is really completely self-serving of me, so that I can have more pretty pictures on my blog without creating any new content, but feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you have the inclination.

Thank you!

*End public service announcement*

Crime Wave

Okay, so we live in the ‘burbs where nothing terribly interesting happens crime wise (not that I’m complaining).  The past several months the community newspaper crime reports have been nothing more exciting than petty theft and DWIs, but a recent paper was much more entertaining.  Mixed in with a whole lot of fireworks noise complaints, here were the highlights:

* “A hubcap was reported stolen overnight from a vehicle…. The other hubcaps were reported loose on the vehicle.”  Anyone else think the police were skeptical about the “theft”?

* “A 53-foot semi trailer that contained scrap metal valued at about $100,000 was reported stolen from a business.”  One word… HOW?

* “Theft of nachos without paying was reported from a business.  A man ran out of the store without paying.”  At which point an employee called out, ‘Dude, that’s not-cho cheese!’

* Let’s count the people involved in this next one… “A disturbing the peace call was reported.  Women (at least two) reported getting into a taxi with a friend (one more, so we’re at 3 plus a driver) when another group of females (at least three) got in and stared a fight.” So by my count that’s at least 7 people… 7 people fighting in a taxi cab, oh and by the way, “Cell phone missing.”  I guess when a cab is that crowded, it’s easy to lose track of one’s belongings?

* “Suspicious activity was reported at a business.  Report of three males, female in vehicle with North Carolina plates washing windows.” I tell ya, you gotta watch out for those Tar Heel window washers.

* Natural selection at work… “Passerby called police and reported male was skateboarding the wrong way in traffic.

* Now for my favorite, “Suspicious activity was reported.  White car reportedly going from mailbox to mailbox.  Occupants of vehicle were located by police a few blocks away delivering newspapers.” 

Well, y’all, I’m going outside to shoot off some firecrackers.  “Why no, Officer, I have no idea where those sounds were coming from, try the neighbor’s.”

New Look

Please forgive my blog’s slightly random new look. I probably should have waited for Peter to have time to help me work on a better header and a tweak the layout, but I just couldn’t take the pink any more. It’s been annoying me for several months now. It had to go…

The Perfect Man?

Sweet Talkin’ Ken: just tell him what you want him to say and he’ll repeat it in his own voice.

His shirt says it all, he’s the Ultimate Boyfriend, Le Petit Ami Ideal, Der Perfeckte Freund… pick a language, any language, he speaks them all!

On clearance now at Target for only $9.98. (Price and availability may vary).

It’s too late for me, but you should get yours before he’s gone.

Check It Out

I just started following another blog a few days ago.  It’s called Nesting Place, and as you might guess from the name, it is a home design blog.  However, my two favorite posts so far are not specifically about decor and are totally worth checking out, even if you don’t have a passion for home fashion.

A few days ago The Nester posted this video about creative work.  It really spoke to me.  If you like doing anything creative or artistic, you might enjoy it.

And yesterday she posted about a unique art project:

Is it art?  An interesting commentary on our society?  A complete waste of money?  Or is it the most brilliant piece of marketing ever seen?

You decide.