To Philly and Back Again

As most of you probably know, I spent two years living in Philly after I graduated from college.  This past weekend Peter, Alethea and I took a family vacation to Philadelphia.  It was sort of a 3 year wedding anniversary gift for us, although, I have to admit, the trip was more for me than for Peter.  I know I married a great guy when he’s willing to spend his family vacation of the year visiting my old friends.  The trip wasn’t a total loss for Peter though, as we were able to procure genuine south Philly cheese steaks:

We also got to take Alethea to Love Park, which is where Peter proposed to me 4 years ago:

Friends were visited, including many of the seniors from the senior community center where I worked as well as my two former roommates, Katie Jo and Ann.

Alethea was a trooper and everyone enjoyed meeting her.  She even did pretty well on the airplane with only a few squawks here and there to indicate her boredom.

Over all, I’d say the trip was a success.  It was so nice to catch up with old friends and enjoy city living once more.

8 thoughts on “To Philly and Back Again

  1. Yes, it was good seeing you. Peter is a great guy to share the time with you and your friends, And to see your little cutie in person after following her these past months, and I look forward to the months to come. I see Peter enjoyed the cheese steak.

  2. Ha ha, yes, I know Alethea doesn’t look entirely pleased in the picture and yes, she did have a long weekend, but I think of everything we did, walking around was her favorite. She always likes seeing new things. I’m guessing she didn’t really like the cold spray coming off the fountain, which may account for the expression in that photo.

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