Due Date

T-minus one hour until the end of Baby Bob’s due date and so far he’s a no show. So in the absence of newborn photos, here are a few recent favorites of the girls.

Alethea had her first piano recital a few weeks ago. She was really nervous and expressed a lot of concerns ranging from playing the wrong notes to, “What if I forget how to sit at the piano and I sit on my knees and my legs fall asleep?!!” However, her fears turned out to be unnecessary, since she played wonderfully and amused everyone with her enthusiastic bowing and adjusting of the bench.

DSC_0226Lydia has been learning new skills too. She knows how to spell her name, likes to draw pictures of princesses, and can put on clothes and shoes by herself, although the shoes don’t always end up on the right feet. We might need to do a little work on measurements with both girls though. The other day, Alethea and Lydia were playing with my tape measure, checking out the kitchen wall when Alethea asked, “How many inches does this weigh?” Very seriously, Lydia replied, “That inches is three dollars.”

DSC_0235Both girls continue to be good eaters, although Lydia is the more adventurous of the two. Alethea adores raw fruits and vegetables though. In fact, tonight she ate her whole dinner and then asked for some watermelon and proceeded to devour 10 slices!

imageAlethea’s favorite activities currently include drawing, singing, dancing, and playing princesses. She sometimes combines the the singing, dancing and princesses by belting out tunes from “Frozen” with great gusto. I’m thinking she might end up on Broadway someday. Although the weather has taken a major turn for the better lately, she’s not a huge fan of being outside now since she doesn’t like the mosquitoes and is absolutely terrified of bees and wasps.

Lydia also enjoys drawing, singing, and princesses to some degree, but she loves being outside and has an affinity for nearly every living creature. She enjoys helping me in my garden, most especially if we dig up earthworms. You should hear her giggle in delight whenever we discover one. You’d think we were unearthing kittens. She always insists on holding and talking to them.

DSC_0262My favorite part about being mom to these two beautiful girls is that they are truly the best of friends. I know having a baby brother around is going to shake things up, but I hope nothing will ever change the fact that, despite the occasional squabble, these two would rather be with each other than with anyone else.

DSC_0230We are all excited to become a family of five. Alethea and Lydia agreed today that they want their brother to come so they can see what he looks like. I promised them that he’s coming soon. You hear that, Baby Boy? Soon!

Will be updating as soon as there is anything to report. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Due Date

  1. The girls are truly best of friends. I love the picture of the two of them together. When I saw your e-mail I just knew the little fellow was here. I’ve been checking my mail every day since last week. Having had three children myself I know they come when they’re ready. And he will be worth the wait. I’ll sit tight till I get the news.

    • They come when they’re ready… yup, and mine like to be good and ready! :-) Soon though. He can’t stay in there forever!

  2. I agree! You are such an awesome Mom! And you’re going to be just as awesome with THREE kiddos! I’ve been thinking about you daily, and HOPING you’d update when you go into labor. Continuing to pray for a quick and easy labor, and I’m so looking forward to seeing those newborn pictures!

    • Thanks, Jenny! I’m planning on updating when I go into labor, or at least when we’re headed to the hospital. Of course, if things happen in a hurry we might not get to! Will try to keep the blog as updated as possible though.

  3. awww, love this update! That watermelon picture is great. So fun that Lydia has found a love for little creatures. I will be frequenting your blog until the little one comes so be prepared for high view stats ;)

    • Haha! Just checked my stats for the fun of it (haven’t for a while). Looks like I’m actually down this week. But that’s probably because most of my blog’s traffic comes from google and pinterest and isn’t people who read it regularly.

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