24 Hour Update

Caleb is nearly 24 hours old now and I am completely in love with this little guy! Not only is he a total cutie, but thus far he’s been eating and sleeping like a champ.

DSC_0516He reserves crying for something really offensive like when he managed to scratch himself on the cheek, or when the doctor took of his clothes and he got cold. Other than that, he’s either eating, sleeping, or looking around with a slightly perplexed look on his face.

DSC_0839Big sister Alethea thinks Caleb is great. She’s only upset that I’m not coming home at night and bringing him with me. This morning she was crying because I’d decided to spend one more night in the hospital, so she declared she was going to stay overnight too. When I pointed out that there was only one bed, she decided that she was going home to get her sleeping bag and would camp out on the floor.

DSC_0606Lydia has been going back and forth on whether having Caleb around is a good thing. When she arrived to visit this morning, she ran right over to him, smiling and cooing. Then a little later she declared that she didn’t want to be his big sister. Then another while later, she was holding him and giving him kisses.

DSC_0631Regardless of Lydia’s wavering opinion, Peter and I agree that he’s a keeper!

DSC_0602We love every bit of his 20.5 inches…

DSC_0821Including his goofy faces…

DSC_0808We’ll be headed home tomorrow morning after we get through discharge. Alethea is so excited to surprise him by showing him his room! Hope he likes it!

8 thoughts on “24 Hour Update

  1. Aw, I love everything about this post! I love your description of Lydia’s response to him. What cutie! It makes sense that Alethea is such a good big sis and example to Lydia. It’s exciting to imagine their relationship developing as they grow older together. Congrats again you guys, he is adorable.

    • Thanks, Jenny! It is fun to watch the sibling dynamics at work and it will be interesting to see them continue to evolve over time.

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