Fall Family Fun

It’s fall y’all! My favorite time of the year, and not just because I have an autumn birthday, but also because the weather is glorious, crisp, and refreshing. And even more importantly, there are so many fun things to do together as a family. Last weekend we spent a morning exploring a fall farm festival, like we do every year.

There were pumpkins (which Lydia used as a fairy princess throne)…

DSC_9382And there were animals (Caleb tried to hug the donkey through the bars, but had to settle for petting him on the nose, since Caleb was far more enthusiastic about the donkey than the donkey was about Caleb)…

DSC_9320And there was corn (this is Alethea’s interpretation of what a “Corn Fairy” might look like, I think she got it spot on)…DSC_9255And more corn (which Caleb preferred to play with while standing outside of the box, since he had a hard time walking through it)…DSC_9227

And even more corn (because I can’t resist a fun photo op)…DSC_9213


3 thoughts on “Fall Family Fun

  1. What great family fun! If I were a kid, I’d want to be in your family. Great photos of the little ones. You have an eye for capturing their spirit.

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