Sixteen Month Update

Today is Alethea’s sixteen month birthday.  Happy Birthday Baby!

This month has been a continuation of her growing independence.  One of her favorite new skills is going down stairs without help.  I’m really amazed that she can do this (and never let her do it unsupervised) but she can put one hand on the wall for balance and walk down the stairs in our house without any assistance from me.  She hasn’t yet mastered going up the stairs on her feet, but she’s working on that one too.

Of course she continues to babble constantly, but more and more I’m hearing her mix actual words in to what she is saying, which makes me think it won’t be long until I’ll have to start forming real responses to her continual stream of conversation.  New words this month include ‘key’ (blankie) and ‘eemo’ (Elmo).  I was sort of surprised when she said that last one in correct context.  We watch Sesame Street exactly once a week when I clip her fingernails (it’s the best way to get her to hold still).  I suppose it just goes to show what an impression TV can make on a small child.

Another new development this month is that when I am done teaching on lesson nights, she insists on coming into my studio, sitting on the piano bench (by herself) and making music.  She shoos me away from the piano if I try to play it too, but she also doesn’t like it when I don’t pay enough attention to her.  After many nights of this routine I have come to the conclusion that she feels she ought to have my undivided attention as she plays, just like my piano students do.  I’ve tried showing her a few things and she does think it is funny when I tell her ‘these are the high sounds’ in a squeaky voice and then ‘these are the low sounds’ in my very deepest voice.  The cutest part of it all is when she gets really into it and starts singing along with herself.  “Doo-dee-doo, dee-doo” she’ll sing as she explores the keyboard.  As long as she has an audience, she’ll play the piano for 20 or 30 minutes until I finally tell her that her lesson is over and it’s time to go to bed.  I guess that means that she’s either musically gifted or that she really likes being the center of attention.  We’ll be in trouble if it’s both.

Her favorite things to do (besides playing the piano) are going outside, swinging, playing with cars and balls, reading books, climbing stairs and chairs, getting things out of the kitchen cupboards, taking baths and biting the noses of her stuffed animals (yeah, I don’t get it either).  She most definitely does not ever like having her diaper changed or getting dressed.  Meals and naps are hit or miss depending on her mood.  Her favorite words to say are ball, car, cup and grandma. Her favorite animal continues to be puppies.

We’ll, I think that’s about all the newness for this month.  Thanks again for stopping by!

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