The Hallmark-Florist Industrial Complex (a rare post by Peter)

OK, so that title might get my login for the blog deleted, but I wanted to say Happy Valentine’s day to my talented and stunningly beautiful wife Elise. I am at work and short on pictures but I did find this one from our engagement photos 6 years ago:

(don’t let her tell you otherwise, she still looks that good)

Happy Valentine’s day, babe. Thanks for loving and supporting me unconditionally and for being such an awesome mom for our girls. I love you so much.

Baby update

We are at the hospital – arrived at 4am this morning. Everything is going smoothly so far. Elise got an epidural around 6am and is taking a nap. It took us 3 days to get to this point when Alethea was born so we are feeling good.


Baby Bob 2.0

Hi everyone, Peter here. I am happy to announce the upcoming arrival of Baby Bob 2.0! The official due date is January 4, 2011 (but we’re rooting for 12/31 or before – tax deduction, baby!).

Here’s the first picture:

No, Bob is not the baby’s real name.  Like we did with Alethea, we’re going to keep the name secret until post-birth. Partly because it’s more fun that way, and partly because there is no chance we’ll agree on a name before then anyway!

Elise and I are very excited and Alethea, well … she has no clue what’s coming. :-)