A Polka Dot Birthday Party

Saturday was Alethea’s polka-dot cupcake birthday party.

I had so much fun putting together the decor including my homemade happy birthday sign and table confetti:

And my doorway streamers with polka-dot header:

Of course, cutting out so many circles took some time.  Good thing I had endless Royal Wedding coverage to keep me distracted from Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday morning.  I now know more about Kate Middleton than any reasonable person ought to.

When Saturday arrived, Alethea donned her polka-dot party dress.  I know I’m biased but I think she looked smashing!

This was the first present type event where Alethea enthusiastically got into the opening of gifts:

She liked the gardening tools she got from her Great Grandpa Jim and Great Grandma Ruth:

We lost her for a little bit after she opened up a doll-sized stroller from Mom and Dad.  She had to take it out for a test run around and around the house:

We only convinced her to come back and finish opening her gifts by telling her there was more stuff for her baby dolls in the remaining packages.  She ended up with a fantastic assortment of new accessories including a feeding set, two potty chairs and a bathtub!  Alethea was positively in heaven!

With so many new toys around, Alethea declined any interest in eating lunch, even though we had pizza, her favorite food.  She did consent to take a break from playing long enough to blow out her birthday candles.

The cake turned out cute, although I naturally had visions of grandeur in my head when I was planning it.  Despite the fact that it was more ‘homespun’ than I had originally hoped, it seemed like everyone thought it tasted good:

Where was Lydia while all this was happening?  Upstairs asleep in her bed.  Toward the end of the party she finally woke up to greet everyone in her own polka-dot dress:

All in all, I’d say the party was a success.  Alethea seemed to have a happy birthday, and so apparently did Baby Doll:

Can’t believe how old she sounds when she talks!  Yikes!  I’m the mother of a two year old!

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3 thoughts on “A Polka Dot Birthday Party

  1. Alethea, you are a lucky girl! It looks like you had such a fun party and your mom did a great job with the cake and decorations! We think that Lydia can’t believe you had the party without her in attendance for much of it (and it had better not happen again!). Love, Great Grandma Hansen and Juanita

  2. I love the photo where she’s contemplating the candle flames. Her mouth looks like she might be thinking about blowing on them, and her hand looks like she might be thinking about touching them.

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