Falling in Love with Etsy

So I’ve known about this website etsy.com for quite a while now.  It’s sort of like eBay, but the listings aren’t auctions and most people are selling vintage and handmade stuff.  Other bloggers I’ve seen post really cool stuff they find, but I’ve never had much success locating things to my taste when I’ve visited.  There’s just so much stuff and it’s pretty loosely organized.

Anyway, the past few days I’ve made a little more effort to plumb the depths of Etsy’s offerings and what do you know, I can find things that I’d love to spend money on.

Tonight, I give you my floral finds:

This Dahlia Clay Sculpture caught my eye just because of its incredible detail, but what I really love about it is that you can hang it on a wall.  So cool!

How cute would Lydia look in this Newsboy Hat?  Super adorable!

If I could go back and plan my wedding again, I would definitely find a place for these Birch Wood Roses.  Gorgeous!

So I think I’m quickly falling in love with Etsy, which is really unfortunate for our family budget.  Must resist impulse spending!  So hard!

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