Glorious Day

Today we’re having perfect weather, 67 degrees, light breeze and a wide blue cloudless sky as far as the eye can see.  Ahhhhh!

Time to head outside and enjoy the goodie bags from Alethea’s party…

Hope your day was perfect too!

4 thoughts on “Glorious Day

  1. It was perfect weather today! The girls look cute in thier spring colors. I remember you wearing the pink overalls Alethea is wearing.

    • I wondered if you or dad would catch the overalls. They fit Alethea really well right now. It’s hard to imagine that I was ever that small.

  2. Good weather on the east coast today, after several days of thunder storms and rain. The flowers are blooming well. Spring is here. Hope it is like this Sunday. Children taking me to brunch after church. HAPPY MOYHER’S DAY Elise.

    • Thanks, Pearl! So glad to hear that you are being taken to brunch. You definitely deserve a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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