(Into and) Out of the Mouths of Babes

Kids say and do the funniest things.  Mine are no exception.  I started thinking a couple months back that it was really sad that I haven’t been recording more of the moments that crack me up.  Nearly every day one of my children does or says something worth remembering, but as you all know, I don’t always get them posted here.

I am sure that if I don’t write it down somewhere, in a few months I’ll have totally forgotten that this summer Lydia excitedly pointed to a couple of butterflies fluttering through our garden and shouted out, “Butts!  Butts!”  Or the fact that for the longest time Alethea was calling bubblegum “BungleBum”.

Feeling that those precious moments were slipping away from me, but knowing how inconsistent I have been in the past at all my attempts in daily journal keeping, I searched Amazon.com for a line-a-day journal.  Just one line each day.  That I might possibly be able to do.

I ended up buying this journal which I loved not just for the gorgeous color of the cover (I’m such a sucker for robin’s egg blue), but also because it was a five-year book.  Here’s what it looks like inside:

I love the idea that not only will I be able to keep track of the cute things happening each day, I’ll also be able to easily look back and see what my kids were doing one or two (or three or four) years before.

That way I will get to laugh all over again at the day when I was so proud of Lydia, on her hands and knees, closely examining an ant hill on the driveway.  Just as the thought, “Wow, she’s really watching them so intently.  Maybe she’ll be a scientist someday!” floated through my head, Lydia suddenly bent her head down and licked that ant hill right off the driveway.  Yup, she is suspicious of cotton candy from the hand of her mother, but ants on the driveway she eats without hesitation… that’s my girl.

Speaking of things going into mouths, I chuckle each time I think about the day Alethea was in the bathroom washing her hands by herself.  I had recently changed the handsoap to a new citrus scent and from the kitchen I heard the following.  “Mommy got new soap.”  Pause… “I like it, it smells good.”  Longer pause… “But it doesn’t taste good!”  Who’d want to forget a moment like that?!

So far I’ve been pretty good at getting something written down every day.  Sometimes I have to play a little catch-up, and some days are less amusing than others.  But even the small details of my children’s lives are something I know I will treasure in the years to come.

I’m really glad I’m doing this.

5 thoughts on “(Into and) Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. There’s hope for Lydia yet…good scientists have been known to lick things on occasion.

    In fact, that’s how LSD was discovered…

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