On to Painting

Our front porch isn’t done yet.  It probably would have been, but then Peter bought me 32 ounces of Elmer’s wood filler, “Just to fill in the holes along the top of the railings on the stairs.”

I meant to just fill in those holes and then do all the painting, but then I found another hole here and a crack there and before I even knew it, hours had gone by and I’d actually managed to use up the whole container.

Our front porch looks diseased…

However, I’m probably the one with the sickness, if compulsively filling 32 oz worth of holes qualifies as a mental illness.

There are still a few more places I’d like to touch up, but my wood filler is gone now and I doubt Peter would be so unwise as to buy me 32 more ounces, so the painting can resume and by Monday this baby should be done. (Knock on pressure treated lumber.)

4 thoughts on “On to Painting

  1. Strictly on the DL, I bet wood filler comes in smaller containers – but you didn’t hear it from me. By the way, there are no granddaughters in these photos! :)

  2. (I agree with Debbie – no Granddaughters in the pix!) We have several small containers of wood filler, partly used and now dried out. Unbelievable that you used 32 OZ!! Can’t wait to see the porch all finished.

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