A Four-Day Vacation

We took a little four day vacation together as a family this past Saturday-Tuesday.  It was actually two mini vacations rolled into one slightly larger one.  We spent two days at a lake with friends and two days camping on the North Shore (Lake Superior) with my family.  Here are my favorite pictures from the trip:

As you can tell, the girls were a little out of their element, and from time to time it showed, but we really did have a good trip.  They were troopers and apart from Lydia’s bedtime melt-down on our first camping night and some serious whining from the back seat during the car ride home, we all stayed happy and well-occupied.  Alethea was more daring in trying new thing than I expected her to be and both girls were surprisingly careful about keeping a safe distance from the fire, which I was happy about.  Alethea says her favorite part was roasting marshmallows and I’d say both girls also enjoyed the wild raspberry picking/eating along the trail we hiked.

I’ll admit that I am extremely glad to be home to my own bed, hot water and indoor plumbing, but it was totally worth the sore back and showerless days to see Alethea and Lydia having fun exploring the great outdoors.  In fact, we’re already planning for next years trip.  Can’t wait!

5 thoughts on “A Four-Day Vacation

  1. LOVE all of the pictures! Beautiful! I would totally frame the pictures of the girls on the boat- What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are always so crisp and fresh! We’re looking into some non-iphone camera options….

    • We have a Nikon D40 with a couple of different lenses. I love it, although I feel like I really ought to take a class so I could figure out more of the settings. The auto mode is great 90% of the time though, so it’s not like it’s too complicated to use.

  2. Another Alethea! And she’s so darling! As an interesting aside, once I met an old-school Italian who couldn’t get his mind around “Alethea” — try as he might — and had to resort to addressing me as “Lydia.” Actually, this has happened more than once — little did we know that “Lydia” is a cognate of “Alethea” in some cultures. :-) So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Aletheas of the world, unite!
    All my best,

  3. Alethea Black is my oldest child. It was my idea to name her Alethea. Her father preferred Rain. We were into unusual names, and thus I got my Alethea. The best thing was when I met a friend of our former next door neighbor a few years ago. She was holding a baby daughter named Alethea. She told me that she had loved the name so much that when she was a school girl and met Alethea, she made up her mind that if she ever had a daughter, she would name her Alethea!!! The only thing that was different was that she thought it was spelled Alethia with an i . LOL It was so lovely to hear her story. Twas a good choice for a name and never became one out of three as some names do. It seems to be catching on a bit more now though. Hope evey Alethea is blessed with a happy and healthy life. I have the same hope for all of us! Sincerely, Mimi Black

  4. I have a feeling Michael and I would have the same great looks on our face if you had us camp and sleep outdoors…
    Glad you all had time away and a good vacation. The girls are very cute and looked like they had a lot of fun!

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