Lotsa Links

Some links for your President’s Day…

Am thinking about making these for Alethea’s birthday party.

This made me cry.

Been thinking for a while about doing over our dining room chairs.

Wondering if Peter would hate it if I did something like this.

Thought this was encouraging… and well said.

What is your idea of a beautiful yard?

2 thoughts on “Lotsa Links

  1. I say .Go for it with the chairs!! Just make sure you get a paint that is somewhat flexible. I know that there are some you can use on straw and it does’t stiffen the
    straw and/or fabric.(Used it once on a woven straw hat – painted it bright red!)

    • That sounds like a fun hat!

      Thanks for the enthusiastic response about the chairs. Since they were your chairs before they were ours, I’m glad to know that you won’t think I’ve ruined them they get painted. :-)

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