TATT: Phoning It In

Here’s a tip for you:

When your two year old wakes up crying Tuesday morning because her ears hurt and she’s running a temp, and then gags while coughing, which necessitates a cleaning of the living room couch, that is the moment when the rules fly out the window and you find yourself doing everything you said you’d NEVER do as a mom, aka…

Letting the kids watch their entire week’s worth of TV time in one morning.
Letting the littlest one fall asleep two hours before nap time, sitting in her chair, still wrapped in a towel from bath time.

Feeding them animal crackers and juice boxes for lunch.
Phoning it in on your Tips and Tricks Tuesday post, even though you sort of phoned it in last week too.

It’s been one of those days around here.  I’m learning as a mom that there are days you thrive and there are days you just survive.  I’m also trying to learn to be okay with that.

6 thoughts on “TATT: Phoning It In

  1. I am coming up to babysit on Wednesday anyway. Just about over the last cold they gave me. They keep my immunity up to date! :-)

  2. Poor baby I hope she feel better soon. And sometimes rules are made to be broken. Mom never let us watch tv (and I still don’t watch a lot of it) but some of my clearest memories of my childhood were of being sick and napping in my parents bed because it had a tv and was private so when I went to sleep none of the others would watch me up. And also hearing my dad complain about crackers in the bed lol. But only after I was all better.

    • Haha! Peter would hate it if I let the girls eat crackers in our bed too! We don’t have a TV in our bedroom though, so that probably won’t happen any time soon.

  3. aw! Ava has an ear infection so I hear you on the rules flying out the window… I’ve definitely been falling asleep in bed with her every night for the last week (we started with pink eye and a severe respiratory virus before heading into ear infection).

    Also, something that makes me feel better about lots of tv on sick days, or “mommy is going insane” days, is an article I recently saw reported on the news that proves that it’s not the amount of TV a child watches, but how educational the show is that impacts them. And children who watched an hour of learning shows a day showed significantly higher reading skills in early childhood! I’ll take it! :-)

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