TATT: Hanging It Up

So here is yet another edition of Tips and Tricks Tuesday coming to you on a Wednesday.  Peter has kindly suggested I find someone to do a guest post for me on “Tips and Tricks for Meeting Deadlines” and I had to agree with him that it would have to be someone else writing it, because I have zero tips for that topic.  This is one blogger who was chronically late handing in papers during college.  One advantage (or disadvantage) of being a Music/Philosophy double major is having artsy/heady profs who really couldn’t care less about deadlines.

But enough about me, here’s a tip for you…

So you know when you go to hang something on a wall and you get out the drill and make a hole and end up with drywall dust all over the floor below?  There is a simple solution for that!

Welcome painters tape to save the day.  Just fold a short length of tape to form a little shelf (sticky side up), and tape it up just below the hole you are about to drill.

Just look at what did NOT end up on my floor when I tried this out last week…

I’m happy to report that this Tips and Tricks post was brought to you today by the letter T and by the new guest bedroom rod and curtains that FINALLY went up on Friday.  (They were purchased about 8 months ago, and were supposed to be up in time for the guests who stayed with us for my sister’s wedding last June.  Oh, you pesky deadlines, you…)

Guest bedroom progress pics to be headed your way soon.  However, because my college professors were in fact sticklers about plagiarism, I should be sure to mention that this brilliant tip of the week was not a product of my own brain, but was something I learned from the good folks over at Young House Love.  (Sorry, I can’t seem to find the actual post where they talked about it, but trust me, that’s where I saw it.)

Happy Tuesday Wednesday everyone!

4 thoughts on “TATT: Hanging It Up

  1. Huh. I suppose that would work. I usually just vacuum it up.

    Nah, that’s not true. Occasionally, I’ll vacuum it up, but that involves power and cords and stuff. I’ll typically just sweep it with a broom.

    But who am I kidding? I’ll probably just pick it up/disperse it with my sock.

    Yeah, probably.

    • Ha ha! Yeah, probably, for sure. I seem to remember you getting in trouble with Mom for using the ol’ sock wiping method on milk spilled on her kitchen floor.

    • Thanks, Jo! I wish I came up with more of these things on my own, they seem so wonderfully obvious after I hear about them!

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