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Two weeks ago I hosted my first (and maybe only) ever direct marketing party.  I’m not generally a huge fan of this sort of gathering, but I do love my Norwex cleaning products, so when a good friend decided to become a consultant, I thought, “Hey, why not?” and hosted her first party.  And what do you know, it actually was a lot of fun!

Anyway, since my house was still decorated for Valentine’s Day, I decided to stick with that theme for the food table and here are a couple quick and easy tricks I used to achieve my V-day themed display.

Trick #1 – Scrapbook Paper Table Runner
This is a trick that I’ve been using at every party I’ve thrown for a while now.  I take three sheets of scrapbook paper that tie in with the theme/colors of the party, lay them down on a diagonal across my kitchen island and secure them with a few tiny bits of double-stick tape.

Voila!  Instant party themed table runner for under $1!

Trick #2 – DIY Tiered Cupcake Display
It seems that you can hardly turn on the TV or log onto Pinterest these days without seeing a gorgeous display of cupcakes in some form or another.  After all, cupcakes are the new black.  I naturally find myself drawn to white ceramic stands (preferably with scalloped edges) in graduated sizes that can be stacked to create a tiered display.  So lovely.  But since I bake so rarely, it seems a waste of cupboard space to invest in a set.  Especially when I know about trick #2.

One cake stand, plus a small plate, plus a ramekin turned upside down and voila again!  Instant tiered cupcake stand for FREE!

So there you go, a couple of tips for your next event.  How about you?  What are your go-to tricks for easy party decor?

4 thoughts on “TATT: Party Decor Tricks

  1. Elise, love your tip. Just in time for Easter. I always make a bunny cake, this year i’m making cupcakes and decorating them with chicks, bunnies, and jelly bean eggs. Like you I was going to buy a stand. I’m going to look deep into my china cabnet. There’s a lot of princess house china and glass ware that i hardly use anymore. Thank for shareing. .

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