Open Door Policy

When Peter and I bought our house six years ago, we realized that it was more spacious than we needed for just our family, even if we ended up having several children. But we also knew that we wanted to live with an open door policy: for our neighbors to always feel free to drop by, to have room for gatherings of church friends, to be able to say, “Sure, friend of a friend of a friend, we’ve got a guest room, come crash at our place.”

In the spirit of that open door policy, I’ve been attempting to seasonally decorate our front porch to be a first sign of welcome to our guests. Having three children under six meant nothing elaborate was happening this fall. Fortunately, nothing says autumn like a big pile of pumpkins.

DSC_6126So come one, come all, we’d love to see you at our front door sometime soon!

4 thoughts on “Open Door Policy

  1. I would love to visit. I can smell the pie that you made from a pumpkin that didn’t make it to the porch. I like the idea of just plan pumpkins.

    • You give me way too much credit, Pearl. I think you must be smelling my autumn spice candle because I’ve never made a pumpkin pie in my life!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve always loved the hospitable touches throughout your home. It gives me hope that someday my guest bedroom (aka the twin bed set up next to the freezer downstairs….but always with a piece of candy on the pillow!)….will someday be suitable for more than just the occasional bachelor friend passing through :)

    • Lol! I love love love that you aren’t letting the lack of an actual room stop you from having a “guest room” and that you put candy on the pillow. It’s the little things!

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