Caleb’s Nursery Reveal

Here’s one in the long-overdue category. As you may recall, last May I was nine months pregnant and frantically trying to finish Caleb’s nursery. Well, it wasn’t quite done when he arrived, but I did finally finish it a few months later, and so for anyone who has been wondering how it turned out (which might turn out to be no one), this post is for you.

A quick reminder of how it looked when it was Alethea’s nursery:

teal and tan nursery with globe mobile

And here is the final “boy-ified” space:

boy transportation travel nursery

I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

The art work was an 11th hour project. I used Photoshop to create some cute transportation art that I hung in six frames that I miraculously found at a garage sale for $12. I finished hanging them less than 24 hours before Caleb arrived in the world and one of the first things I did when we got home from the hospital was to show them to him. He looked and looked and looked, so I’d say they were a hit.

DIY boy transportation room artI’m also proud to say that with the exception of the train bookends that I got on eBay and a pillow from HomeGoods, everything that I did this time around was handmade. My mom helped me sew the curtains and the extension on the crib skirt. I made the curtain rod from galvanized pipe and fittings from the Home Depot.

boy world travel nurserytrain bookends baby boy nursery

I think this is officially the most finished room in the house!

baby boy nursery DIY transporation wall artbaby boy nursery personalized wall art

And I would be completely remiss if I didn’t share pictures of the quilt that Caleb’s Grammie made for him. It is a one-of-a-kind transportation themed masterpiece!

boy transportation nursery quiltMy favorite part about it is that if you look closely, there are details quilted in the background, like clouds, waves, railroad tracks, traffic signs, and even an adorable squirrel!

transportation quilt detail

squirrel hidden on a quilt

So there you have it. Baby boy nursery: COMPLETE!

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    • They really can! I think it’s amazing how different the feel of the room is considering how little really changed!

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