The Weekend Report


Peter and I went to our third and final Twins game of the week.  It was a fun game despite a certain unfortunate event that happened in the row in front of us.  I don’t want to go into too much detail, so let’s just say the boy sitting in front of us suddenly didn’t feel well and it’s a good thing the guy two rows up was wearing a rain jacket.  Ewwww…

Besides that though, the Twins played well, we sat next to some amusing people, and I got this cool picture of Peter:

And this cute picture of us:


This was our “All about yard work day”. We focused some time an energy on “The Bean” area in our front yard.  Here is the before pic (notice the distinct bean shape):

After raking, weeding, and covering it in mulch The Bean now looks like this:

The cutest moment of the day goes to Alethea (is anyone surprised?).  She watched me as I pulled weeds in The Bean and threw them into my big bucket.  Then she got down on her knees and started picking up leaves and twigs and putting them in her little pail.  I’ve never seen her imitate me that closely and it was very sweet to know that she wants to be like mommy.


The morning was church including a good sermon on the topic “hearing God’s voice when we feel outnumbered”.  We were challenged to consider the question “What is God asking me to do in my current situation to serve Him?” which is an especially challenging question to me since I feel like being a stay at home mom requires almost constant concentration just to keep Alethea fed and clean and clothed and out of trouble.  Sometimes I know all God gets is my sloppy seconds and a few minutes of my time when Alethea finally goes to bed at night.  So I guess I will have to give further thought to the question.

After church, the rest of the day was less remarkable, but not stressful, which is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Don’t you think?

7 thoughts on “The Weekend Report

  1. Your front yard looks good. You increased your curb appeal by alot. Did you use the two young men whose time you bid on at the church auction? Or are you saving them for another project?

  2. Thanks Denny. We actually only won the time of one young man from the church auction and no, we didn’t use his help. We are saving that for when we rake up and move all of the rock from under our stairs to our back yard.

  3. Yes, nice bean! That also is a very cute picture of you and Pete. I can’t wait to see pictures from Aletheas party!!

  4. Would have love to have seen Alethea putting the leaves and twigs in her pail. It’s a great improvement over putting them in her mouth!

  5. God bless you and your wonderful family. Also your wonderful parents I miss so much. I enjoy seeing the pictures of you and your beautiful girls. They are growing up to be just beautiful and they are fortunate to have parents growing in the Lord. Tried to send you a email but it came back . So can you send me your new address. Love in Christ Diane

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